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Title: Paul at Athens: Attitude, encounters & opportunities
Subtitle: Acts of the Apostles
Speaker: Daniel Fox
Broadcaster: Faith Bible Church
Event: Sunday - AM
Date: 7/15/2012
Bible: Acts 17:16-21
Length: 41 min. (16kbps)

Overview: Pastor Dan shares Paul's attitude toward the lost from the experience in Athens. Even in Athens Paul followed his standard methods of evangelizing that is explained in 1 Corinthians 1-17-23. Paul took advantage of chance encounters in the marketplace and then took advantage of the opportunities that resulted. His example in Athens in worth of imitation today.----Paul was greatly troubled and provoked by the thousands of idols in Athens. As a result, Paul shared about Jesus and the resurrection in the marketplace. An incredible opportunity arose when he was asked to go to Mars Hill to share to the intellectuals.