Who in the world is Brent Alderman?

Brent Alderman is a missionary with the Capital Commission.

“Capital Commission in partnership with the church, is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ and promoting the Biblical mandate to pray for those in authority in the Capitol communities throughout the United States and around the world.” (From their website.)

Here are links to Capital Commission. Check it out!

(prayer site)

Brent’s bio:

Brent Alderman grew up in a Christian home in southern West Virginia. The
middle of three boys, he was always in church and from his earliest years
was involved in church music. He trusted Christ during Vacation Bible School
at a church near his home in the summer of 1972.

After high school, Brent attended Appalachian Bible College in Bradley, West
Virginia. He graduated in 1988, majoring in Bible and Theology with minors
in Choral Conducting and Youth Ministries. While at A.B.C., he met his
future wife, Tracy, and they were married in 1989.

Brent and Tracy taught in a Christian school in Roanoke, Virginia, before
moving to Fort Worth, Texas for further training. In 1995, Brent received a
masters degree in music history from Southwestern Baptist Theological

For the next 13 years, Brent served churches in Virginia and West Virginia
as a worship pastor. God called him to change his ministry to the Maryland
political community in 2007. Since then, he has enjoyed meeting many great
friends through Maryland and encouraging them to pray for and minister to
their elected leaders.

Brent and Tracy have one daughter, Megan. He enjoys Bible study, reading,
writing, history, baseball and doing just about anything with his family.

When? Brent will be here Sunday morning on April 19th. He will speak in the morning service.

Where? Downstairs at 9:30 a.m. and upstairs in the auditorium at 11:00 a.m.

Why should I come? As Christians we’re frustrated about immoral government. We wonder about the future of our nation. One of the proactive approaches to bad governance is to pray for those who hold authority and reach them with the gospel. Brent is coming to share an actual practical real-time way to effectively do this. We often talk about it, but we struggle with putting “boots on the ground” when it come to dealing with our government. Come for good ideas and direction.