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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Hope you’re all having a good week. Unfortunately I have some bad news. The Greater Baltimore Pastors Fellowship has done an assessment of the number of folks who have confirmed they’re coming to our Saturday conference and we’ve decided the number is too low to have the conference this Saturday.


Therefore, we’re going to cancel the Saturday conference and work to reschedule it. It’s possible we could reschedule for as early as September, or it may be put off until next April. We’ll be soliciting your feedback to see if there’s a date that is better for you.


As you can imagine scheduling a conference which officially gathers six different churches is quite a challenge, as each church has it’s own schedule and priorities. This is probably why most churches don’t even attempt to do this kind of thing. But we do! We do it because we believe in Christian fellowship that’s based on the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ and a commitment to His infallible Word!


We’re grateful for the Christian fellowship our different churches enjoy and we want to build on this fellowship in the future. Please keep in mind that we’re planning on a Thanksgiving Fellowship again this year that combines the 6 churches. We’d love to see you there.


God bless you and have a good weekend!
Pastor Dan